I know its a meme but low-key appreciate this lmaoo #memes #memesdaily #lit #🅱️ #woke #wtf #whoops #funnyaf #e #weliveinasociety

What is the purpose of being on this planet originally we were just meant to be like all other animals and just reproduce and and die and be in the food chain but why is out of all creatures became so intelligent why have we evolved more than the creatures from stone age and why do we feel too kill each other most species live pretty peacefully but humans are always at war with either other country's or just a group or 1 on 1, like why can't we all just live are lives and not kill each other and other species we've already caused some species to go extinct and we have weapons thay could cause all life on earth cease to exist, just why can't we all just be friendly and like each other ofc there is still gonna be debates but don't kill each other over words they are just words they can't hurt you but taking someone's life or multiple people's lives over a debate is stupid how do they not realise this and if they do why don't they stop. and goodnight . . . . . . . . . . . #worldpeace #life #weliveinasociety #war

06/17/18- Today I was going thru some wise words that @faithsrad once told me at an art walk, "We need to learn to use our hands more and our egos less." So whether it's putting your hands on the bicycle handles, the paint brush, or camera or your meat, tune into your existence fellas! #weliveinasociety

ok im a bit late but i really cant tell the difference 🤔🤔 #onlytherealonesknow #realoneswenttothewedding #weliveinasociety

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This shirt brings the EMT out in me (or maybe it's cursed). I've worn it only twice but every time I do shit goes down. Today I helped out at a car accident and then on my way home I helped a lady having a seizure. Both times there were others at the scene ready to help out. #cursedshirt #flamingo #weliveinasociety #thisisamerica

moto moto hmu yesterday buttt i left his hippo ass on read 😩😜 melman is the only one for me 🤞💅🏼☺️