Hahaha this is definitely how it feels when we get a kick up the butt from the universe. It feels like falling off a cliff but really we are falling into place. We need those intense pushes to make us grow because at times we become stagnant or complacent with how our lives are. Recently, I had this happen to me and this huge kick made me start creating my website. The kick was painful but necessary. Think of all the times that pain has led you to being a better person. Well yep that was the universe SERVING you every time. Everything EVERYTHING is here to help you. What you do with that help is totally up to you 😉 #everythingisheretohelpyou #painfullessons #thankyouuniverse #gratefulforlife #helpiseverywhere #faceyourfear #innerstrength #akickuptheass #IAMworthy #appreciatewhoyouare #youareamazing #selfacceptance #youarebeautiful #divinelove #acceptallthatyouare #selfworth #knowyourworth #limitlessbeing #beyourownbestfriend #youarelove #loveisthehighestvibration #universallove #weareone #divinity #awakening #ascension #wakingup #peace

It’s your life. Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for living it your way. #WakingUp 👍🏻🍷🥂🍾🤨😏🛏🛌🌞

Death found me in a dream this morning, exposing my feelings of helplessness and the perception of Hell. Though I had been cast into an underworld of sorts, a connection to the living word still existed. Unfortunately, I was forbidden to attempt any form of contact. The promise of severe punishment kept everyone from trying. Despite this fact, my thoughts remained focused on my animals who have always been my lifeline. Without them, what was the point? The people I met in this new world were cool and all, but they could not replace what I had lost. They did, however, share rumors of a man and woman who made it back out into the world of the living. They were a bit of a legacy and their story gave me a sliver of hope. The trick, apparently, was to visualize what I wanted until it was real. A woman took the time to show me how this was done. I began with a simple lesson of imagining how I wanted to appear and manifest that vision. I am a pro daydreamer, but that is not quite the same thing, is it? I found this task to be impossible. I could not commit because I did not believe I deserved it. If I could not change my clothes, what chance did I have? She determined to keep working with me. Other places existed within this realm. When I expressed my desire to travel, I was told that it was impossible. My place of death was where I would linger for all time. There was no escape. Who wants to hear and believe such news? When I saw this quote, I knew I had to share. Not only does the visual behind the words remind me of Doctor Strange, who I am madly in love with (who isn't?), but also of all those awesome qualities within myself I struggled to keep hidden from the unaccepting and spiritually abusive assholes in the world. For decades, I have felt these spiritual superpowers lurking just beneath the surface. We can never truly discard elemental pieces of ourselves. We can only ignore or deny them until we mostly forget they exist. The time has come to flex those spirit muscles. So beware. Demons will be exposed and healed. #spiritualawakening #exercisingdemons #spiritualwarrior #wakingup #openingup #meaningoflife #breakingfree #breakingcycles #courage #trust