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Those who start doing yoga, sonner or later run into he profiles od advanced yogis, who, playfully, do some amazingly difficult things. Some of them also add: "Yes, I've been doing yoga for 2 years, and my handstand was terrible for the whole three weeks, but then I've started doing it perfectly! So dont despire, practice and all is coming!" And put a good-looking kissing emoji. But the thing is, that you never know what is behind the photo. 3 hours long everyday practice? Free calisthenics in bakground? The genius teacher. which explains everytnhg so, that a human being has no chance not to understand and do wrong? Lie and just a flattering photo? :)) Dont cheat yourself, there is always a hard work behind every success. Everyday putting the attention units in what you do. Yes, you may know a language in a year. If you study everyday for 3-6 hours, not twice a week for 1,5. You also can master a handstand. You may also know how to tade futures. Market advertisment. Beard dogs. Make a manicure. Any business demands attention and energy. Any quality input will give the result. But dont lie, that you do, and then be surpsrised, why there is no result)) A master failed more times, then a begginer has ever tried. The universal truth, which alwys make me glad. Though I wish, that everything was effortless and quick ^__^

Haven’t you heard?! #wehandstandonwednesdays with @rockabetty25 & @zenbeeni I was talking to Chase yesterday and I told him by the end of this year, I wanna be able to hold a handstand.... . . . He comes into the kitchen and asks “well who the hell is Stan?!” . . A handstand, not hold Stan’s hand babe. 😂 . . Happy Wednesday!

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