“ after the rain, the sun will shine ‼️ “

Vernazza 👌📷 on Olympus OM-1 #35mm

Was it in the chords? Is it in the words I spoke?

Her name is Lancy

“Still I always... Look up to the sky, pray before the dawn...” . . . Modelo: @luhhcastro_

Cutting off elbows like a champ 👍🏽

I feel weightless in the valley like I’m everywhere at once.

I’ve got my heart strung up on clothing lines through tenement windows in mid July.

Now that I’m not staying out until 3am I can start posting my pictures


Returning home 🌿 This Place is one of my favourite parts of the world & that’s for sure. ✨ It’s amazing what you can find if you do a bit of exploring of any of the Blue Mountains walking trails.👣 Well worth a visit if you haven’t been! 🌷