Gülüşünde kelebekler açıyor🌼🌸

Dear Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, I can’t believe you’re gone, my heart is so numb, I can’t stop crying, you only just turned 20 in January, you had so much to do, you’re music impacted peoples life’s including mine, I could relate to your lyrics and when you give us advice, all you wanted to do was spread positivity, happiness and love, you wanted to change the world because right now it’s fucked up, every time I was upset or hurting I would go on Spotify type in your name and listen to all yours albums, they made me cry and laugh, I’ve been a fan since you was underground and to see you made it into mainstream makes me so proud, I honestly don’t know what I will do now that’s you’re gone 💔 rest in peace X, you can finally rest in peace😓 #gonetoosoon #xxxtentacion

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