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Dancing with shoehorns are all the rage...didn’t you know? 😍 #islasdancemoves #kickinit #bathroomdancefloors #backlight #naturallight

Question everything. Be honest. Live with integrity.🔥 These values help us stay open to new opportunities, build rock-solid relationships, and have inspired progress in my life over and over (( physically, mentally, emotionally )). And now, we’re stepping into a new chapter: •• Carnivore-style.🍗🥓🍳🥩🍤🍖 •• Nutrition has been a passion since I recognized it was the thing holding me back. On any given day, food could feel dangerous, exciting, comforting, recharging, or even scary. Yet when you played sports + continued working out regularly, you’re someone who’s considered an athlete, and deep down you feel heavy in your body - it gets to a point where you’re willing to do whatever it takes to feel how you WANT to feel: excited, accepting, PROUD. •• I’ll never tell you I know it all. But what I will say is my journey from numbing feelings with food to eating real food to HEALING with food has always been about finding what works + what is simple + what feels best. And as a nutrition-focused Coach who believes in following our intuition, this change feels RIGHT. I want to help you learn, be in the know, and make better choices for yourself.💋 So I’m testing out something new: Modified #carnivore is goin’ down!! •• If you’re curious, watch today’s LIVE insta-story to get some insight!! Questions are always welcome.🤘🏼 •• #carnivorediet #carnivoreketo #intuitiveeating #nourished #primalliving #experiment #alwaysgrowing #bethelight #wildwomen #strongwomen #naturallight