“Nikki loves her friend Khalida, who is still very shy and tries to hide her beautiful smile. Nikki is not at all discouraged and keeps trying to chip away at any feelings of rejection, lies that she is not beautiful, and the pain of feeling unloved.” This is what being a true #BibleBelle is all about. Thank you for sharing, @anghinson. . . . . . . . . #LettersToABBMama #BibleBelles #HeroesForHer #ItTakesAVillage #Motherhood #Mamahood #Parenting #MomsOfIg #UnitedInMotherhood #ModerhoodRising #ThisIsMotherhood #MomLife #MommyLife #MotherAndDaughter #FatherAndDaughter #DaddysGirl #InspireMothers #IGMotherhood #GotItFromHerMama #MomOfGirls #GirlMom #ChristianMoms #ChristianLiving #ChristianKids

Looking forward to the weekend as we head down to the🚗🚣‍♀️ #easternshore and set up camp on the beach. 🏝 It's been awhile and I am missing that place. #happyplace 😊 What are your plans for the weekend? . #weekendvibes #novascotia #explorenovascotia #weekend #tent #campingnewbie #cottageinuse #ourbeach #ourlove #highschoolsweethearts #midlife #emptynester #emptynestmom  #freedom #timeforme  #momofgirls #fitnana  #momofadults #stillahotmessmom

Why yes, I think I will! — Love that I can still enjoy some slow summer mornings on my new program! Took full advantage of my first rest day and slept in!! My muscles are gonna love me for it, and be ready to go hard tomorrow! — Best. Program. Evah.

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🌟Healthy options exist, even when we are on the go 🌟 . ☺️Today I ran errands with the girls and we needed a quick lunch. This salad 🥗 was fantastic and it was everything I was looking for ! 👉🏻veggies most 👉🏻healthy, lean protein 👉🏻fiber filled carbohydrates 👉🏻accessories to top it all off (sliced almonds and low sugar vinaigrette) . 👉🏻This salad was at Wendy’s. Always take a peek, you just never know what you’ll find ! If you have an awsome tip for a healthy quick meal out - please share !🙌🏻 . #graceandgrit #fastfood #fastandhealthy #healthyoptions #healthyisdelicious #mommaontherun #errandsday #neverdone #lifestylenutrition #fitlife #healthymomma #momofgirls #alzheimerssucks #liveeveryday

No brush, no product, no hair tie, no problem. Legit this braid happened in a parking lot. 😂 #bornready #hair #braids #momofgirls #ittakesapro #usewhatyouhave #makeithappen #redken

#realtalk 👋🏽 It Me. Daniella. . Let’s get vulnerable for a quick second, k? I mean - we’re already there. That’s me scrubbed clean after a hot shower this afternoon. No makeup. In sweats. No guilt. . I found myself sinking today. Into fear and stress with a heavy dose of irritation. Truth be: I haven’t seen my husband in week and a half, and we’re only now halfway through his trip. . Our toddler ditched the diapers this week, which means lots of puddles and a whole lot of hours sitting on the floor of the bathroom, coaching. . I haven’t made it to a workout - and was feeling crabby about that. Exercise keeps me sane. . I had just put the boys down for naps when my husband called. He was waking up to start his day in Los Angeles after getting home at 5:30am this morning. . Initially, I unloaded on him. The frustration came through and I vented. He listened. I exhaled. Potty training is hard. Doing it alone is lonely. Motherhood is hard. Doing it alone is isolating. Parenting is hard. Doing it solo feels impossible. . We talked for an hour. Religion. Parenting. Politics. Business. News. Feminism. Death. Pretty heavy for a check-in convo with your partner. But it was exactly what I needed. To talk with *my* person. . I hung up, and peeled off my still-clean workout clothes. All I wanted was a shower and a cup of coffee. And that’s exactly what I did. I’ve yet to crack open my laptop today. But I don’t feel guilty. Sometimes in the game of Motherhood you have to pace yourself. . I hope you have a person. If not, I wish for you to have *your* people. The ones who listen and support you. Life can often feel like way too much and that you’ll never be enough. So when the walls come closing in - I suggest a good talk and a hot shower. . You got this ❤️ . PS if you’re still looking for *your* people, I promise - they are out there. When lonely - send us a DM. We got your back, mama 😘

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Who runs the world? G I R L S ✌🏼

And so it begins... For the last....I don’t know HOW MANY years....I’ve been going to the nail salon for my nail/toe pampering. Literally hundreds of dollars a month, thousands of dollars a year, spent on nail salon services! I always considered this time, “me time”. It’s relaxing and once less thing that I have to do myself. Well last week, my daughters and I had some mother/daughter bonding time at home and for the first time in - ever- did our nails together. As much as they are now into their friends, electronics, and basically anything non-parent related, we all enjoyed this time so much that we decided we wanted to keep doing it. And you know the Walters, when we make up our mind, we are all IN!! We instantly filled our Amazon cart with cool nail polish colors, from Neon, to Pastels, to even Metallics... we ordered manicure kits, files, and buffers, base Coats, top Coats, well—the list goes on. Regardless, our supplies are starting to roll in. And even cooler, I was already in the process of getting ready to DIY this old dresser/changing table. So now, what used to be a piece of furniture used to change both my girls butts, will become the cutest, most stylish (we hope anyway) home nail bar!! Stay’s about to get a lot more colorful around here! @dylanthegirl06 #nailbar #homesalon #motherdaughterbonding #doityourselfproject #momofgirls #makingmemoriestogether #nailcolor #nailpolish

Future athlete in the making. My heart!!!!

It is never a DULL moment when doing 🧘‍♀️ with my girls. I love these special moments together 💕💕💕 She cracks me up 🤣 #fitfam #momofgirls #sillygirl #workingoutshouldbefun #leadbyexample #yogaday #laughteristhebestmedicine #strongertogether #familytime #lovemygirls #fitatforty #selfcare