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Confidence is key.

Preserved Toronto Railway Company streetcar #306 and its trailer #64 in the TTC's Hillcrest Yard, 1961. Photo taken by Gerald H. Landau. The motorcar was originally built in 1892 as a part of Toronto's original fleet of electric streetcars. The trailer was built as a horse-drawn streetcar in 1878 for the @torontostreetrailway. Both cars were kept as historic relics by the TTC and donated to the Canada Science and Technology Museum in 1968. They are currently hidden in storage.

🌺 child.

Summer solstice 2k18.

You guys spammed @antisocialkc with a lot of good vibes so here you guys go - OTM❗️🎬: @shotbyhuss / @bookingjbmprod


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“And keep yourself patient with those who call on their Lord...” 18:28 Surah Kahaf - Jummah Mubarak

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