Picnic lunch on our 2 1/2 acre campus is always a great time to pause, listen, and share some laughter with friends. We believe that nature calms, heals, and inspires, and we love sharing our beautiful property with our campers and students. We invite all to tour our property when you come to Cape Cod! Contact us anytime 🌲

Baby Girl Milestone Cards [ The Sadie Collection ] - $28.00 🌼🌸

What are your 3 goals this week? 🗒// Starting the week off with a powerful brekky ⚡️View my stories for the recipe! 👅it contains protein, healthy fat, fiber, antioxidants and so much more✨

Oh. My. Gosh. This place y'all. If you haven't been here, you need to run (don't walk) and experience everything that is @morseskraut. Especially this Schnitzel a la Holstein (and the pierogi!!!) 😍😋 Prepare to stay a while, because there will probably be a wait, and you're gonna want to browse the attached market and buy everything. • • • #havesaltwilleat #willtravelforfood

MONDAY MOTIVATION— we absolutely adore these tags by 😍 She’s a huge inspiration for us, so go check out some of her work. ♡

Find peace and strength in knowing these few things: •everything is temporary (embrace change) •there is no shortage of abundance (let go of lack) •you are not others projections (stop giving a fuck and do you) •you get back what you put out (are you putting out good or bad?) #livethelittlethings #lawofattraction #southdakota #sodak #exploremore #exploretocreate #abundance #gratitude #darlingmovement

Insert a motivational Monday quote here ________. This weekend, I jumped into the lake after the sun had called it a day. That was the highlight of my weekend. Photographing this girl was a tie for first. Now I’m setting out for a FULL week ahead and I need all the good energy and words of support. So.... whatcha got for me?

I can’t believe we are almost done with July! This summer is flying by which means fall is right around the corner- which also makes my heart super happy! BUT! I sure am going to miss having these pretty blooms everywhere! What has been the highlight of your summer so far? #megangogginsrings

Reminder: Things don’t happen to you. They happen for you. ✨ #mondaymantra

Hey little bunny 🐰🌸 Hooray for your first check up!! 🤗 Thank you for being such a good girl the whole day. Love you. 🤱