City Lights | 2 // The lifeblood of a city is electricity, and in this sense, roads are like arteries.  You can make out a city's physiology by tracing the lights that mark our roads.  The large arteries and veins thin out at the extremities of the body, just as roads and pathways become dimmer and narrower at the edge of town.  At night, you can find the main arteries in town simply by looking for the brightest lights, and tonight's shot is a celebration of Kowloon's most famous thoroughfare, Nathan Road.  And no, it isn't the street in frame (that would be Nelson Street). You can't actually see Nathan Road itself in this shot, but you can make it out simply by following the horizontal line in the middle of this shot where the lights are warmest.  That's where the lifeblood is really flowing! As is common in Hong Kong's colonial history, our governors have a penchant for attaching their name to roads and infrastructure.  Nathan Road started off life as Robinson Road (Sir Hercules Robinson, 5th governor of Hong Kong), but since he already got a road named after him on the Hong Kong Island side, they decided to rename it after Sir Matthew Nathan (13th governor of Hong Kong). Nathan Road grown in prominence as it became longer, merging with several streets further north from its original starting point at Tsim Sha Tsui.  Perhaps its heyday is in the 70s and 80s, when Hong Kong became more cosmopolitan, international, wealthy and self-assured.  At that time, Nathan Road was Hong Kong's "Golden Mile" - an attraction for locals and tourists alike.  It was a street that had something for everyone: high-end shopping towards Tsim Sha Tsui, electronics and gadgets (there was a time when Hong Kong had a reputation for cheap electronics), restaurants (especially some very large yum cha establishments), jewellery, and nightlife of all kinds. Nathan Road nowadays is no longer the destination it was.  It is still lined with shops and restaurants, but the mix is no longer there.  Walk the Golden Mile today, and you'll find the same jewellery chain stores, pharmacies, convenience stores and restaurants over and over. (Continued in comments.)

I've visited London many times before, but only this past trip I was finally able to properly explore Hyde Park and see Princess Diana Memorial Fountain. I know people have split opinions about this place, but I for one really enjoyed this one. I'm not sure if it was the atmosphere, the fresh air of spring or the sound of the trickling water, but I really liked this place.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ ________⠀ #london #thisislondon #londoncityworld #TopLondonPhoto #london4all #visitlondon #TheLondonLifeInc #unlimitedlondon #timeoutlondon #incrediblelondon @exploringlondon #LondonGuru #LondonMyLove #TopUKPhoto #NGTUK @UK #UK #LifeoftheUK #uk.shooters #ukshots #uk_shots #map_of_europe #besttraveldestinations #kings_vilages #bestcitiesofeurope #livingeurope #TLPicks #hello_cities #europe_vacations #travelexploring #living_europe @europe #hello_rooftops

Perfect rooftop view ✨ ••••••••••••••• Every now and then I like to climb the stairs of Galeries Lafayette (there’s also an elevator just for the record) and stay for a little while on its rooftop... Just to see if an Eiffel Tower is still there and if the golden and green parts of the Opera have kept their color... You know, basic stuff when you’re in Paris ;) ••••••••••••••• For info, access to the rooftop is free, so you can go whenever you want (however, please do respect Galeries’ opening hours ;) Is there anything else you need to know? I guess not. Just take a picture and enjoy Paris from above.

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@ag_photographe avait envie d'un chiche tahouk libanais en altitude. Alors on a fait cette prise en pique niquant. Dommage que la péniche ne soit pas totalement éclairée... 📸📸📸🌇📸📸📸 #parisismovablefeast #hello_rooftops #paris_tourisme #parismaville #hello_france #photooftheday #sunset #français #france_focus_on

Admirer Paris depuis les toits 👌👌 des lieux superbe que je fait profiter désormais juste un message priver 😎😎 #paris #igparis #hello_rooftops #super_france #longexposures

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