That's one clever dog! 😂 @my_cat_vince_stagram

Football didn't come home but you finally did/ flashback to when you was young and I was the kid/ though to be real I continue to live/ as a grown kid/ I just wish the end didn't have to come/ thoughts of someone still young/ becoming the man once the son/ easy to get over for some/ running around having fun/ not so much at the end of your life/ late night long walks that was enough right? / Could have been better/ thoughts forever/ running through the mind/ Cher if I could turn back time/ taking for granted the present/ and not being present/ of what's around me/ focused and angry/ of what's around me/ even though the surroundings/ were my own choice/ struggles with the inner voice/ but they say don't be sad it ended but glad it happened at all/ was fun having you there during my rise and fall/ walking while I was on long phone calls/ or catching you after I use to ball/ overall I probably did good and so did you/ in my heart you always one of the crew!

How incredible is this painting of a very Rocket Raccoon Kozue by the wonderful and talented @marvellouspets! To have your beloved pet used by such a talented artist is a massive honour 🧡

🌅 Szép estét! 🐾😴 #welovewalkingdog 📸: @orsicseh