Ryker here, reminding you to keep your pet hydrated 💧 . ▪️ Did you know July is Pet Hydration month? We have teamed up with PetSafe® brand to help spread awareness of proper pet hydration. . Here are five tips to pets stay hydrated: ✔️ Know how much water they need: 80 percent of a pet’s body is made of water, while humans are only made up of 60 percent water. Dogs and cats need one ounce of water per pound of body weight each day. ✔️ Be aware of the symptoms of dehydration: Common symptoms in both dogs and cats include: vomiting and/or diarrhea, lack of energy, excessive and ongoing panting, loss of appetite, sunken dry eyes, dry and sticky gums, loss of skin elasticity. ✔️ Encourage them to drink more: Introduce a pet fountain to help encourage water intake and prevent urinary and kidney disease. ✔️ Be prepared: If you’re traveling, exercising, or spending a lot of time outdoors with your pet, always bring extra water and provide them with a cool, shaded spot to rest. ✔️ Adjust their diet: Pets eating a dry food diet get very little moisture from their food and are need of drinking more water to supplement their water intake. Consider adding water to their dry food or incorporating wet food into their diet. . 📸 Drinkwell® Sedona Pet Fountain by . From 📷: @koba.gsd . Love to tag? Please DO⤵ Follow me to see more! 😉 #puppy #animaladdicts #germanshepherds #animals #ilovemydog #gsds #cute #germanshepherd #dogslovers #thegsddaily

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Football didn't come home but you finally did/ flashback to when you was young and I was the kid/ though to be real I continue to live/ as a grown kid/ I just wish the end didn't have to come/ thoughts of someone still young/ becoming the man once the son/ easy to get over for some/ running around having fun/ not so much at the end of your life/ late night long walks that was enough right? / Could have been better/ thoughts forever/ running through the mind/ Cher if I could turn back time/ taking for granted the present/ and not being present/ of what's around me/ focused and angry/ of what's around me/ even though the surroundings/ were my own choice/ struggles with the inner voice/ but they say don't be sad it ended but glad it happened at all/ was fun having you there during my rise and fall/ walking while I was on long phone calls/ or catching you after I use to ball/ overall I probably did good and so did you/ in my heart you always one of the crew!

RIP babi anjing yg selalu bersama dengan owner y kemana pun pergi selalu bertiga sapi dan babi mungkin ngak akan kami lihat lagi kamu berlari dan duduk diam di ujung taman suropati menteng.RIP babi semoga kau tenang di alam sana berlarilah bersama2 teman mu di surga #ripbabi #rip #anjingsapidanbabi #tamansuropati #ksgiregionaljakarta #dogslife #dogslovers #ripdoggy #intagram #instagram_indonesian #instagram_kids #instagram_faces #dogstyle #dogstagram

Condivido Regrann from @stefano.958 - 🙏🙏🙏Regrann from @filippolindt_e_mela - Regrann from @bianchina71 - 🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘❎❎❎❎Regrann from @giulyappi - Quando un famoso calciatore disse "ma che cos'ha al posto del ❤ un bidone dell'immondizia" molti si erano indignati, ma queste persone ancora non conoscevano la storia di Marley 😢😢🙏🙏 E' arrivato oggi MARLEY in canile, ancora non sa che morira' li dentro 😢 Dopo 9 anni a catena la sua "famiglia" lo porta anche in canile, ma non.un canile decente, proprio un canile lager!!! Al posto suo la famiglia piantera' dei fiori e mettera''anche un bel dondolo! Quanto vuoto e' quel loro cuore? Quanto male puo fare l'uomo....Marley e' un dolcissimo e affettuosissimo simil setter, tg media, sano. Per seria adozione lo portiamo tramite staffetta, in tutti il centro nord Italia. Per info ☎ 3472303359. Grazie 🙏 #abruzzo #canilesantemarie #adottadalcanile #setter #setterrescue #setterloversclub #breton #canedacaccia #caneaffettuoso #similsetter #adozionecane #cercosetter #settergordon #settergordonrescue #laquila #provincialaquila #adoptme #saveme #dogslovers #hunterdog #adottaredalcanile #adottami #abruzzofantasy #caneacatena #adopt - #regrann - #regrann - #regrann