The day when you loose hope is the day when the things will get change, the day when you loose hope is the day when everything gets out of your hand, the day when you loose hope and step back is the day when the others will take over you, the day when you loose hope and closed your eyes is the day when you die:) #bitcoinmemes #blockchain #cryptocurrency #crypto #cryptos #mining #ltc #litecoin #cryptomemes #cryptomeme #coinmarketcap #dip #myvalentine #doge #binance #binancetrader #ethereum #eth #forbes #forextrader #dip #cryptonews #coinmarketcap #enterpreneur #dogecoin #xrp #ripple #nightmode #cryptoinfluencer #influencer #advisor @crypto_meme_lord #btc

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The reason behind the unacceptable downfall of the bitcoin? Hi guys, welcome all 🙏🙏. So as you know many veteran traders are predicting that bitcoin will reach $9,000 again but what happened we have seen the unacceptable downfall of the bitcoin and now its value currently running at around $6,500. Now with the help of example I will try to explain you that why this happened. E.g. whales have 2 lakh Bitcoins, and they decided to sold their 2 lakh bitcoin. and when they sell it the value from 7,800$ will fall and directly comes at 6,900$. And when normal people see such a downfall they start panicing and creating hypes seeing the bitcoin value at 6,900$ the people started solding their bitcoin. So now supposed while seeing the market in dip 10,000 people sold their bitcoin which is equal to 2 lakh bitcoin. It means whales are playing games they wanted us to sold our all Bitcoins in order that they can make maximum and maximum profits And they will again entered in lower value and take the value to the peak. It means the whales are ruling everytime on the market because of us, we are giving them chance to make our own losses So those who all are having Bitcoins if they Hodl tightly then we can definitely see a huge,huge,huge gains in bitcoins I hope you understand what I'm trying to say Have a great day and wonderful night 😊:) #bitcoinmemes #blockchain #cryptocurrency #crypto #cryptos #mining #ltc #litecoin #cryptomemes #cryptomeme #coinmarketcap #dip #myvalentine #doge #binance #binancetrader #ethereum #eth #forbes #forextrader #dip #cryptonews #coinmarketcap #enterpreneur #dogecoin #xrp #ripple #nightmode #cryptoinfluencer #influencer #advisor @crypto_meme_lord #btc

Introducing EarthCycle. The First #Cryptocurrency in the world to be backed by revenues from Green Businesses and demand from EC Business Customers. Rather than offering a new software technology (like the other altcoins out there), EarthCycle Coins are the fuel of a #international, #decentralized resource pool for #sustainable, #positivechange #greenbusiness. EarthCycle Businesses use the leading edge of innovative physical technology to offer mass scale systemic solutions for major problems such as homelessness, pollution, extreme poverty, and a wide spectrum of mental illnesses. Learn more about EarthCycle Coin's exponential growth rate at Watch the full video at Finally, a #Crypto backed by more than just software and speculation. #bitcoin #ethereum #blockchain #financial #newparadigm #ICO #DAO #trustless #cryptospace #digitalassets #altcoins #smartcontract #wavesplatform #cryptoinfluencer #blockchaininfluencer

Whales have only done the down fall of Bitcoin from January but, Bitcoin permanent gains will start till the end of the july, read the full article? Hii guys, welcome all 🙏🙏. So as you can see in this image from January to December whenever bitcoin has increased it has taken 27 days then again the dip continues till 50 days. Then again the bitcoin has increased till 27 days for the level of 10,000$. Then the dip continues till 36 days and at that time the level is 6,700$. And then again the bitcoin has increased till 27 days for the level of 9000$ and then again bitcoin falls for 23 days. And now when again bitcoin will rise in June for 27 days it can go upto 8900$ by considering this image, and bitcoin is following this pattern for the last 5 months. Everytime the percentage fall for bitcoin is 12%. From January first it has decreased till 50 days and then rise again for 27 days. And then again it fall for 36 days and increased from 27 days and then it fall for 23 days and increased from 27 days. And then it will fall for 13 days. It can be acrack code of whales in which everytime bitcoin has increased till 27 day #bitcoinmemes #blockchain #cryptocurrency #crypto #cryptos #mining #ltc #litecoin #cryptomemes #cryptomeme #coinmarketcap #dip #myvalentine #doge #binance #binancetrader #ethereum #eth #forbes #forextrader #dip #cryptonews #coinmarketcap #enterpreneur #dogecoin #xrp #ripple #nightmode #cryptoinfluencer #influencer #advisor @crypto_meme_lord

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Women in CRYPTO with Emily @shapeshift_io and Daria @cryptofriends at Unchain Bitcoin&Blockchain Convention in Hamburg, Germany 🇩🇪 _________________________________________________ Entrepreneur 🧟‍♀️ VS digital entrepreneur 👩🏽‍💻 8 reasons to switch to an ONLINE business: ✔️ FREEDOM you’re don’t have to pay any rent 🙅🏽‍♀️and save so much money and time by not driving to work every day🚕, you literally don’t need an office at all, or any physical location. ✔️ MOBILITY you can travel and work from everywhere✈️, from Manhattan to a tiny little island in Thailand 🏝👉🏼 you just need an internet connection. 📲 ✔️ INDEPENDENCE You never have to deal with producing the physical product you sell since what you sell is valuable information 💻and online services. Delivery problems, delays, expirations; all those problems go away.😅 ✔️ AUTHENTICITY You never have to see your customer in person, all communications happen online. You have only your voice, saying your truth. 🤬 ✔️ DIGITAL WORLD your business is 90% automated, that means you have more free time and you don’t need to hire much staff🤯, you could even be a solo-entrepreneur. ✔️ CREATIVITY If you’re running a lifestyle business, you can turn your favorite hobby into business🏄🏾‍♀️🤹🏼‍♀️ ✔️ NO CAPITAL to build a product to sell. You’re the product. Much less on an investment is needed to start.👛 ✔️ PERSONAL GROWTH You invest in yourself, networking with interesting people globally, always learning, improving and growing.🚀 Yours, Maria Jones 👩🏽

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Howdoo are planning to take the best bits of social media and bringing them all into one place with a twist to some degree. Similar to Steemit they plan to reward content creators. Bloggers, video creators, generally anyone who shares content. You will be paid in uDoo tokens which can be stored on the uDoo wallet. They are also planning on launching a secure messenger to challenge Whats App and the giant that is Telegram. The Howdoo plan is to get users to move away from facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Whats App etc and bring everything and everyone together in one place. Link to the full article in bio 👆👆👆 @howdoo_hq