did you know that Cougar = Panther = Puma = Mountain Lion??? 😯 is this correct @WherryHannah? #TurpentineCreek #AnimalEncounters #AnimalLovers

It’s been fun San Diego ☀️ #illbeback #usa #animallovers

She said it doesn’t stop what’s happening… - The back of her sweater reads “Memphis Meats”, a local company working to create lab meats. She was excited to share that her and her colleagues are very supportive of animal rights. I asked “Oh, are you vegan then?”. She was not, but she was a vegetarian. She knew about the dairy and egg industries and said that the thing that was holding her back from being vegan was convenience. “It’s so easy to just throw some eggs in a pot and boil them.” so I asked “What about potatoes?”. She was trilled! She never thought about potatoes. It was one of the easiest convos I’ve had and she left ready to take Challenge 22. - I walked away but after a few minutes I realize that she hadn’t left. Still rooted to the spot where I left her, eyes fixed to the screens. Her eyes like glass from the tears. I gave her a hug. She was deeply affected by the footage of crabs being boiled alive. Her emotions continued to evolve as she saw more and more of the footage. Her sorrow then became anger. She asked, “What do you do after seeing this footage?”, I shared that I sometimes go to a sanctuary to be around happy animals, but that answer did not satisfy her…. (con’t in comments) - #vegan #vegangirl #vegansofig #vegansofinsta #vegansofinstagram #plantbased #veganism #govegan #healthylifestyle #vegetarian #animals #helpanimals #animalactivism #bayarea #sfvegans #goveg #animallovers #loveanimals #compassion #factoryfarming #dairyfree #animalliberation #nomeatathlete #justice #kindness #change #transformation

People ask me a lot if it’s hard to be vegan. And to be honest, I can understand how people think it is difficult. I thought vegans we extreme, cult-like condescending individuals. But, it turns out, we are not. We are human beings who hope for a compassionate, empathetic, health and environmentally-conscious world. It has been an amazing journey to transition from what I was made to believe to a new sense of living in a way where I became more aware of how the choices in my life impact other beings with whom we are lucky to share this planet. One of the most beautiful things about being vegan is living in a way that aligns my heart. One of the hardest things for me is to watch ourselves say we love animals as our society systematically oppresses the truth and promotes the belief of speciesism where we are taught to believe we are superior to all other species on this planet. And getting over those beliefs and coming to terms with what we have been taught can be very difficult. 🌱 I attended my first activism workshop today with a very inspiring human @earthlinged and volunteered with @anonymousforthevoiceless ❤️ It was incredibly overwhelming for me on many different levels. From spending the afternoon with dozens and dozens of like-minded, passionate individuals to having an incredible conversation with a man who opened his heart to ditching animal products, my day was complete. Thank you @cafefloraveg for providing such a delicious #vegan dinner to help recharge the batteries. 🌱 To all of my fellow vegans out there in the interwebs: thanks for your empathy. And to those of us thinking about what the world could be like where all beings live in harmony: keep asking questions and you will find the truth. 🌱 Peace begins with what you put on your plate and a healthy, non-violent world free of exploitation, lies and suffering is possible. 🌱 Be the change you want to see in the world. ✌🏼

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