Somehow Y must bury ur proud & com back 2ur routes!! No one is perfect & judging othas doesn’t help..EVN somehow it will neva B fair.. it costs a prize JUST 2tak ur mat awaaaay & stand up again 2fight 4ur JOY which lays deep inside forgiveness!!! Somehow feeling lik a babychild who needs so much still 2learn 2grow in the REAL lov & mercy God showed us when he went faithfully 2the cross & didn’t blame anyone 4all they did. He was lik a sheep who was put 2B killed ..freely he gave all his glory.. all his rights ..all his life 4us.. 2set us free from ALL BONDAGES !!! May may life B finally anyhow B a fragnance if this man...called JESuS CHRIST my saviour. He is the one I want surrender..he is the one I wanna glorify BUT actually do so less.. may God change our hearts & change by min. Somehow I EVN don’t kno how 2B a motha in Gods waaay...even tht Iam feeling so oftn unable..and COMPLETLY weak. But praise God when u are weak Y are strong ..bring all 2His cross & he shall forgive ..and EVN Y ..who are reading right now ..esspecially my kids..i wanna ask 4forgivnesd 4all ungodly styles. Somehow Iam overpissed & block 2early...somehow it’s most difficult for me NOT 2B offended if someone hurts me.. but it’s the JESuSstyle not 2B. So I decided tonight a bit 2change ...I don’t kno how.. I start with that form of apologies when I was rude EVN her on FB/Instaa. Love neva fails EVN in words ..written ones!! By the way my 8th collage is ready... african Style/hom/treasures is the titel!!! #repentance #godly #forgiveness #birthes #healing #artwork #artist #africangirl #africanqueen #africanart #africanstyle #africa #home#