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#Repost @friendsofeastvalley ⭐️ FOSTER Star ⭐️ "Duke #A1785361 is a pleasure to have around. He is very friendly and loves to be petted and have his tummy scratched. He is potty trained and has not had one accident or tried to "mark" inside. He has been great on his walks, easy to handle and even walked for a few blocks in the Valley Village 4th of July parade and mingled with the crowd in the park afterwards. He is quiet and is very content to lay on his dog bed near me. I have left him alone in my apartment for short periods of time and he has been absolutely fine without any barking or crying. When I returned he was curled up on his bed relaxing. He isn't too sure about the crate yet but he has been venturing in there to get snacks and eat his dinner and I think he could learn to love it with time. He hasn't been around other dogs up close and personal yet, but he doesn't seem overly concerned or reactive towards them when we are out walking in the neighborhood. He is eager to play (he's good at fetching his ball) but easily settles down and mellows out when you are done playing. He is very attentive to me and a real people pleaser. I think he would make an excellent companion for a lucky family or single person looking for a lovable pup." - Duke's Foster Dad @wnoog #foster #adoptdontshop #losangeles #shelterdogsrule #savealife

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Follow @931mom and my whacko wife! #Repost @931mom with @get_repost ・・・ 📣📣📣Welcome Jennie Schutte of Pilaroc Farms, the author of our newest blog page called, "Eat the Dirt!" A little more about the origin of 'eating dirt' and the message that it will bring here 👇 We are SO excited to have Jennie on board with 931MOM! 👏👏

#Repost @usarmy with @get_repost ・・・ Spc. Sarah Henderson, a flight engineer with the 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division, scans the outlying neighborhoods of #Jalalabad, #Afghanistan while crouched on the rear door of a CH-47 #Chinook helicopter, March 28, 2018. Spc. Henderson's aircraft, assigned to Task Force Lighthorse, plays an important role in the train, advise and assist strategy for Afghanistan by flying #NATO coalition advisors to work with their Afghan counterparts. #USArmy photo by Army Sgt. 1st Class Randall Pike

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Well, damn, it’s about to be that time of year again! Eh, @texasgalaxy93? . . . . #Repost @actualyohane ・・・ Season 7 is upon us 👀✨ Due to the very very short downtime between seasons 6 and 7, I ended up cutting the #12DaysOfVLD challenge down a few days. I know the summer is super busy for conventions and the gap in between being cut into like.. a third of what it usually is I figured it would be a sort of relief even to those not con crunching at the moment. This challenge is fun and it means a lot to me that people are always so enthusiastic, so I didn’t want to just drop it amongst the craziness of everything. I feel like I don’t even need to explain how it works buuuuut I’ll include it just in case there’s anyone new! ✨The challenge will start on August 3rd and end on August 9th ✨Use the hashtag #7DaysOfVLD on all your posts! I track the tag religiously and I know there’s quite a few people that like to do so as well. ✨If you plan on participating, I’d appreciate if you reposted this picture or shared this post! Myself and everyone who participates is always welcome to new cosplayers and artists! ✨I like to make new content for the challenge BUT it is always 110% okay to use old photos and such for any of the days! ✨As always, be kind! No ship hate or any hate for that matter is welcome here. This is something that I created for people in the fandom to have a positive experience, and so far it has never let us down! ✨If you have any questions about the prompts or need clarification, don’t hesitate to ask me! These are all pretty self-explanatory and repeats but I don’t mind answering any questions anyone might have!

#Repost @michaelrapaport with @get_repost ・・・ That real GTA Life for real. #Repost @abcnews ・・・ Bodycam footage captures police exchanging gunfire with shooting suspects during a pursuit last week in Las Vegas. One of the suspects was killed after he tried to flee on foot, authorities say. The other was wounded and taken into custody. #police #chase #shootout #bodycam #lasvegas #shooting #12 #cops #reallife #omg

Regrann from @arthurwiggles - ❤️HELP JOHNNY FIND A HOME HE IS 2YR OLD JINDO OWNER PASSED AND HE NEEDS LOVE AND CARE❤️ @warmheartsproject @fourgoodpups thanks for tagging. Humum made out to shelter today to take more pics of Johnny to support finding a home for him and also posted on FB page. Jonny is very skinny and lost his teddy bear face for a 2yr old due to weight loss. He is suffering loss of his owner like a loyal jindo would. He was howling and also drooling with anxiety and stress. He has a beautiful cream colored coat and fluffy tail. A very beautiful Jindo. (Small spots are from water dripping to cool the kennels) Shelter said adoption out of state will not be possible directly, someone would have to adopt here first. (I asked bc of a nyker being interested). After spending 30-40 mins he came closer to say hi and made eye contacts. Mum played some music and said comforting words. (Could not share treats she brought as they were not allowed for dogs sharing kennel w another dog like Johnny but other dogs got them instead). Shelter is overcrowded now, needing to move two dogs into one kennel so please adopt and share post! . #thankyou #adoptdontshop #jindo #jindolove #dog #shelter #pleaseadopt #instadaily #doglove #sad #help #losangeles #rescuedog #rescuedogsofig #beautifuldog #johnny #love #dogoftheday #repost #regram - #regrann

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